Angelo Victor Mercure


"I greet you at the beginning of your wonderful career, Angelo."
Peter Hujar

"Your work is interesting, courageous, and authentic."
Achim Niedtfeld, Editor/Publisher, Bruno Gmunder Books

"Angelo Victor Mercure is an exceptional artist of unquestionable integrity."
Bob Carlos Clarke

"Your show was the best thing to happen to my gallery."
Hilton Ariel Ruiz, Director/Curator, Chrystie Street Gallery, NYC, NY

"Sales of Mercure's work made my year!"
Sarah Reichman, Director/Curator, Galleria Scala, La Jolla, CA

"Heavy themes. Heavy talent."
Todd Kaplan, Director/Curator, Todd Kaplan Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

"Angelo, I will always be proud to have represented you."
Rita Dean, Director/Curator, Rita Dean Gallery, San Diego, CA

"Mercure's work is dark, grim, ruthless and yet it pulsates with a surge of life
that is unforgettable."
Edward De Celle, Director/Curator, Lawson-DeCelle Gallery, San Francisco, CA

"Angelo, I love your work."
Marcus Leatherdale, Fine Art Photographer

"I find your work very interesting. I like it."
Jim Herrington, Fine Art Photographer

"Angelo, your pictures are amazing and startling. You are one tough, talented hombre."
Les Krims, Venus In Furs

"Angelo, I am not the least bit surprised in regard to your success."
Barbara Nitke, Fine Art Photographer

"Your fine art images bring to mind the works of Frank Sutcliffe and Thomas Eakins."
J.P. Fields, Photographer/Professor, University of Kentucky

"Your wonderful photography brings to mind the very best work of
Larry Clark and Diane Arbus."
John Ramirez, Artsource Newsletter

"A magnificent compilation of eroticism."
Daniel Levin

"Thank you, Angelo. I very much appreciate your exquisite images."
Roger Ballen, Documentary Photographer

"I love your work."
Justin Ocean, Listings Editor, Next Magazine

"When it comes to bdsm/fetish photography, Angelo Victor Mercure is at the top
of the winners' list."
Peter Czernich, Editor/Publisher, Marquis Magazine

"Who can ever forget your work?"
David Lawrence, Fine Art Photographer

"My best regards!"
Jurgen Boedt, Editor/Publisher, Secret Magazine

"Angelo, I like what I see here. Your work strikes my fancy. I predict that you will
continue to enjoy great success."
Jack Slomovits, Fine Art Photographer

"Stunning work. Refreshingly different. I like Mercure's style."
Dave Roberts, President, G&M Fashions, Ltd.

"Congratulations! I wish you the very best."
Tony Ward, Obsessions

"Rare. Fascinating."
China Hamilton, The Cabinet of Dark Things

"Thanks so much for the photo. I've posted it above my desk!"
Steve Diet Goedde, The Beauty of Fetish

"Thank you for sharing your powerful images with me."
Steven Speliotis, Asia Bondage

"Thank you very much for the fantastic photo. I love the feel of it. Very nicely printed."
Lee Higgs, Generation Fetish

"Amazing. Special."
Gaetan Caputo, Fashion Photographer

"I love your photos. Your work projects a formidable, unified vision."
David McCairley, Photographer/Author

"Nice photos, Angelo."
Robert Chouraqui, Esclaves De Corde Et De Metal

"I love your work!"
Amber Star, Fetish Model

"Very interesting. I admire your photography."
Kenneth J. Harvey, The Town That Forgot To Breathe