"Mercure's writing is sharp, keen-edged. Quite simply, his
work is excellent."
— Ira S. Levine, Executive Editor,
Larry Flynt Publications

"Angelo Mercure has mastered the fine art of storytelling.
Most importantly, he keeps you turning the pages."
— Christopher Ricco, Editor-In-Chief,
Dugent Publishing

"Angelo Mercure's fiction is dark, frank, and brutal.
It calls to mind the very best work of Nelson Algren."
— Charles Malloy, Editor,
Gallery Magazine


"Mercure takes you into a long, dark tunnel full of mists and terror."
— Jeremy Scott,
Fetish Magazine

"Angelo Victor Mercure keeps you turning the pages and he always delivers."
— Kim Christy,
Leoram Inc.

"Inside these pages you will experience nightmarish visions. Mercure's work commands/demands your attention. Chockfull of sweat-drenched shemale sex and bloody orgasms....
— Robert Gilbert,
Barbaric Philistine Productions


"I like these stories."
— Paul Hart,
Propaganda Magazine

"Love this book."
— George O'Brien,
Untold Stories of Vietnam

"Refreshingly different."
— David Roberts,
G&M Magazine Productions


"Angelo Victor Mercure scores again."
— Vicky Lee,
Wayout Publishing Company, Ltd.

"Temptation Eyes? Read it!"
— Robert Richter,
The Qlimax Times

"Mercure is one hell of a writer. This book is one hell of a read!"
— Gloria Kelt,
Shiny International Magazine of Fetishism

"I had a very hard time putting this book down until I read it straight through. Intriguing plots and counterplots; fascinating characterizations; heart-pounding narrations; Angelo Victor Mercure is a master storyteller."
— Stacy Novak,
Transliving Magazine

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